Debate-papo com prof. Stephen Harrison (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)

History, Politics and the Aeneid

Stephen Harrison (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)


Resumo: This talk considers Vergil's Aeneid against the background of contemporary Roman history and politics (a lively period indeed in the history of Rome with the demise of the republic and the establishment of the principate). It looks at allusions to historical characters, especially through symbolism and analogy: how far can Aeneas be a version of Augustus, or Dido a version of Cleopatra? It also considers the range of political views to be found  in the Aeneid: is the poem supportive of Augustus, and how does it deal with the painful topic of civil war?


Data: 28/09/2018

Horário: 10h

Local: Auditório IC II

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